Scooters Go Karts Dune Racers Motorized 8 to 13

Scooters Go Karts Dune Racers Motorized 8 to 13

If you are reading this, chances are you are shopping for a motorized go-kart scooter for your 8 to 13 years old toddler or comparing products. If I am correct, congratulations on coming to the right place for quality scooters go karts motorized 8 to 13 year olds. We offer a wide array of scooter go-karts that are perfect for children between 8 and 13 years. Melt your kid’s heart with one of these amazing scooter go-karts;

Our Scooters Go Karts Dune Racers Motorized 8 to 13 Range

We take pride in offering a broad range of high quality scooter go-karts for children of different age groups. Each scooter has a powerful motor that enables the vehicle to move perfectly while being driven by your kid. Additionally, each go-kart has a strong frame and body that will safely accommodate the weight of a kid up to 13 years old without breaking. Comfort is also a key element of our scooters go karts motorized 8 to 13 year olds. In summary, our go-karts offer great quality, great comfort and great weight support.

How to Drive Our Scooters Go Karts Motorized 8 to 13

Our go karts can move quite fast, thanks to the powerful motor units they are equipped with. As such, you must teach your child how to safely drive his or her go-kart to avoid accidents and injuries. To help you get started, consider the following step-by-step guide to driving our go-karts safely and effectively:

  • Make your child wear safety and comfortable driving gear, including a helmet. The helmet will protect his or her head if he or she gets thrown out of the kart as a result of an accident. Besides that, this piece of gear cannot also protect your child from suffering a severe injury if he or she knocks his or her head hard against the kart during the impact.
  • Make your child sit in an optimal driving position where he or she can comfortably reach the pedals. The best position will improve your child’s driving performance.
  • Let your child start the vehicle with his or her left foot on the clutch and right foot gently pressing on the gas pedal.
  • Then let him or her disengage the parking brake, which is popularly known as “handbrake” in some places, before moving the gear from the neutral position to first. This will ready the kart for motion.
  • Next, let him or her gently release his or her left foot from the clutch as he or she presses the right foot over the gas pedal in the same manner to make the scooter start moving slowly. While this happens, his or her hands should be steering the wheel even as the kart gets into motion.
  • To switch gears, let his or her left foot gently press the clutch while lifting the right foot from the gas pedal (in the same manner) before pushing the gear lever to a higher or lower position. The engine will change sound, indicating that the gear shift was successful.  Then let him or her gently remove her left foot from the clutch while pressing the gas pedal with the right foot in a gentle manner still.
  • To halt or slow down the kart, let your child put his or her right foot on the brake pedal and press it with intensity depending on how quickly he or she wants the car to stop.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the right scooters go karts motorized 8 to 13 years? We have got you covered with our carefully selected range of go karts. All you need to do is browse our wide selection of quality karts to choose one that best suits your 8 to 13 year old.

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