Remote Control Electric Ride On Toys Ages 5 to 7

Remote Control Electric Ride on Toys Ages 5 to 7

Every other child has got a dream, and one of them is riding on electric cars. An electric car is a great  gift to give to your child!  Parents are sometimes afraid of letting their kids ride on electric toys for safety reasons. There is a solution to this; you can buy a remote control ride on where you can control the movement of the car. This article will present some of the remote control electric ride on toys available in the market.

1.    Best Choice Products 12V Kids Battery Powered Remote Control Electric RC Ride-On Car w/ 2 Speeds, LED Lights, MP3, AUX – Red 

The car has LED lights and an integrated gear switch that makes the ride feel like real driving. It comes with complete actual horn and engine sound, and safety seat belts. There also two different speeds, that is, low and high. It is fitted with a AUX cord for playing music.
The car can either be manually driven by the child or remote controlled by an adult.
ASTM certified for 3 – 7 year olds.
Dimensions 47” x 25”
Weight: 66 lbs.

2. Uenjoy 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car Mercedes Benz Zetros Electric Truck Motorized Vehicles

The car is fitted with 2 seaters to accommodate 2 kids at once. This is driven manually by older kids (3-8 years) and by using remote control for children in (1-3 years). The remote controller is 2.4 Ghz and the foot pedal is electric.

It has a radio, USB and AUX to play music, LED lights, horn, and actual car engine sound.
Size: 53.34”x33.66”x32.28”
Weight: 128lbs
Speed: 3-6 KM/h

3.Vosson Kids Jeep Car 12V Power Electric Kids Car with 2 Seats Kid Ride On Car Children Electric Car with Remote Control and Battery

Suitable for 3-6 years, comes with remote control to ensure safety but could also be ridden by gear shift, gas pedal, and steering wheel. The Jeep is fitted with bright top lights and head lights to ride at night.

It has three speeds, low, medium, and high in forward and back. AUX to play music, safety belt, and spring suspended wheels for comfort.
ASTM Certified
Size: 43.3″x27.3″x32.3
Weight: under 88lbs

4.Uenjoy 2 Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car Licensed Land Rover Discovery Electric Cars for Kids

Land Rover Discovery with 2 seats for friends or siblings to ride together, remote controlled for kids 1-3 years and manual control for 3-6 years.

Strong and long lasting with 2 strong 12V motors, fit for indoors and outdoors. Connectable to phone and USB for playing music through AUX cord, also has seat belts, spring suspension system, double lockable doors and a rear portable handle.

From the remote electric cars listed above, you can see that you have a variety to choose from at   Don’t  hold back if you want to buy an electric car for your child as there are remote controlled cars available!