Pedal Powered Ride On Toys

Pedal Powered Ride On Toys

Kids today don’t like playing outside much, but when they do, they want to save their energy for the electronics inside. So, they usually want a battery operated ride on toy, bikes just use that that store energy and they might get dirty.

For those kids that like the bathwater to turn to mud, have I got a list for you! Let’s go plant a garden, haul some dirt and move some rocks.

They say, “Nothing Rides Like A Deer”. Well, John Deere has gone above and beyond with their pedal powered ride on toys. The company has been around since 1837, so I guess they should know what most kids like, “to be like daddy”.

For the little ones, there’s a steel tricycle. The seat adjusts as they grow. As they grow a little, there are 12” and 16” bikes equipped with training wheels, front handbrake and rear coaster brakes. The 20”  bike looks just like the others but with no training wheels. These bikes come in  green, yellow and black and also in pink and purple.

They can start hauling things at just two years old. Not sure how they’ll do backing up the trailer though. It’s a three wheel tractor with trailer and is equipped with a horn that really blows. Made of high impact resin so it can withstand the toughness of the tot. The trailer is detachable in case it needs to be parked separately.

This is perfect for the little ones 2-5. Buzzy! No, it doesn’t look like a bee, it’s just his name. They installed ball bearings so it’s easier to pedal. Check this out! Buzzy has his own spinner knob on the steering wheel.

Here’s where energy and imagination meet. Pedal tractor with backhoe and loader. The backhoe has a stabilizer foot and safety latch. The loader can really scoop dirt. Both are fully functional. That baby won’t even get stuck in the sand because the wheels have a dual tread system that gives perfect traction.

Going back many years to a lot 29 fire engine pedal car. It has real wooden ladders and a horn.


The vintage pedal car is made of metal and can’t even hold a passenger in the backseat.

Let’s not forget that we might need a combine. It comes with a corn head. It is fully equipped no doubt.

We’ve got to get that field ready for planting with a 720 tractor that comes with a disk for plowing and you can get an umbrella to go on the tractor for protection from the sun.

For the last of the John Deere ride ons, lets not forget about landscaping. Huge plastic pedal tractor that resembles a big riding lawn mower.

What every mom has needed for many years, Little Tikes Pack N Go Trike. It’s a three in one grow with me. Stage 1: Push This stage is when the baby just can’t reach the pedals yet. The parent is in total control, pushing and steering. Stage 2: Learn The parent still guides the way as the child practices pedaling and steering. Stage 3: Ride The tot can ride all by himself.

Radio flyer has a scoot to pedal scooter. The pedals can just flip out when the baby is ready to pedal, before that he can scoot it everywhere.

Disney’s Frozen has a Mobo Cruiser Trike that has four wheels and instead of handles, there is a stick on each side of the seat. It has a rear wheel steering system with reversibility function. Guaranteed this little rider has never encountered this before.