Electric Powered Rides

Electric Powered Ride

Most children always dream of having an electric car. So when you buy for the one they’ll feel like they own a real car which will make them very happy. These kinds of cars for kids also help them be able to learn to drive at an early age.
These days electric cars have amazing features that include mirrors, doors, and headlights. They also travel at various speeds as well as being able to be driven on any terrain from rough roads, playing fields, as well as tarmacked roads.
To begin with let’s look at some of these amazing electric cars:

Mercedes Benz SLZ Class 6V Kids Electric Car

This kid’s car looks like the normal Mercedes Benz.  It can even be operated manually or using remote control hence very advanced. The remote control is used by the assistance so that they help the kid to drive the car on behalf of the kid, i.e. it can be a parent. As the kid is driving this electric car he can even listen to some music using an MP3 player that has been installed on this car.
The beauty of this car features in that it has also reverse and forward gear which makes it very special to own. Also included in this car are rear lights, dashboard lights, as well as headlights. Another special feature of this car is that the seat is adjustable giving your kid the best comfort while driving.

Green Dune Racer

This types of electric car operate best in rough rounds since it has large and heavy tires. It also has a system that prevents it from getting stuck in the mud since it’s able to maneuver. It also has sidebars that help to support hands hence making the kid very comfortable while driving.  The brake system of the car is electrically locked. The electric car has speeds limits of 5 mph which makes it travel faster for young kids while at a safe speed. It can also travel in the reverse direction since it’s customized to operate under different directions.

12V Police Motorcycle

The advantage of this car is motorcycle is that it inspires kids to become policemen who will guard us in society.  Some of the features of this motorcycle is that:
It has side mirrors and is even chromed.
It has signal lights to indicate the direction it’s traveling to, hazards to indicate it has a problem, as well as headlights like a normal police motorcycle making it look realistic.
The bike also travels at a speed of 5 mph. It is also possible to reverse the bike.
It features also storage on the backside whereby kids can store their equipment like toys as well as snacks.

Black Kids Hummer H2

This type of electric car looks like today’s model of a real hummer.  It is capable of driving through any road from rough roads to even those that are tarmacked.
This electric car lasts for a long time since the body is made from a strong shell. It has two-speed limits of 2.5 mph and that one of 5 mph as well. Another feature of this vehicle that makes it very outstanding is that it can be reversed like a normal car. This car is also powered by a rechargeable 12V battery that makes it very friendly to buy for your kid.


Using Electric Powered Rides like the ones discussed above,  in our modern world have revolutionized to the extent that they even have features that are only found on normal cars. Now it’s up to you to decide which of the above cars I’ve given you a detailed description about you would like to but for your kid to fulfill that one dream he has always wish to achieve.