Construction Ride On Toys

Ride On Toys Planet has a good selection of construction ride on toys for kids with front loaders, diggers, excavators where your child can mimic a real life construction worker.  Give them a hard hat, a safety vest, and let them get to work!

Our toys are made to meet the needs of kids who are eager to ride. Some kids love watching cartoons which feature diggers among other construction machines. They are happy if they can be allowed to ride toys which resemble the real construction machines.

In our collection, the construction ride on toys have features which mimic what is available on real life construction machines. They are very interactive, which will boost your kid’s imagination. Our entire construction rides on toys are made out of durable materials to make them last longer. Buyers can expect to have toys which can last long.

Construction ride on toys in our collection

We have a wide range of construction toys in our category. Some kids have special preferences. In our category, parents can buy almost all types of construction ride-on toys. The toys are manufactured using the best materials. Safety features have been incorporated to ensure the kids are safe when riding. Some of the construction ride on toys we have in our inventory include the following:


Some kids are attracted to diggers after they see them perform different actions on the cartoon networks. Our diggers are made into different designs to meet the needs of different children. They perform essential functions a real digger performs. Parents have preferences when it comes to buying diggers. Some would like to purchase diggers in specific colors while others will prefer the big diggers.


We have a range of excavators in our ride on construction toys. The excavators have different features to make the kids enjoy riding on them. An excavator is supposed to excavate the earth.  Incorporated are various features in our excavators, making it easy for kids to enjoy riding them. There are different functions which kids see the excavators perform. Our excavators have been equipped with an easy to control mechanism, which makes the kids have full control when riding.

Front loaders

Our front loaders come in different colors to excite your kids. They have safety features to make them kid-safe each time they ride.  All the features about each loader we have on display are indicated, making it easy for potential buyers to choose the best.

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