Peg Perego John Deere Mini Power Loader Toddlers Auto Brake

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Peg Perego John Deere Mini Power Loader Toddlers Auto Brake

The Peg Perego John Deere power loader is a featured product of ours.  If your child loves to dig and ride and play, whether they love farm equipment, construction equipment, or just love to ride on toys or is just starting out on these ride-on toys, this is a fabulous product for your toddler.  Check out some of the features of Peg Perego’s version of the John Deere Mini Power Loader.

Let’s get your kids outside ~ and working!  With this John Deere Mini Power Loader, your kids will have a blast scooping up dirt, sand, snow, grass, pebbles ~ you name it!  Once they’re loaded up,  they can ride around finding a place to unload their bucket, then fill it again and again.

  • Indoor and outdoor riding use; 2.25 mph on dirt or smooth surface, grass

  • Automatic brakes with foot pedal accelerator 

  • Dump bucket in front

  • 6-volt rechargeable battery and charger included

“Loads” of fun

Your ittle construction worker can scoop up, carry, and dump their load from the front bucket driver’s seat. Your toddler can step onto the accelerator and decide where to dump their load around the yard.  Your child will love riding around and playing on this fun John Deere construction tractor.  This Loader is equipped with automatic brakes, just lift their foot from the accelerator and the automatic brake function initiates.  The seat is adjustable, taking into account the growth of your child, as they will love this tractor for many years to come.  A 6-volt rechargeable battery and charger are included. This product is made in the USA.

Here how to find the battery for your little one’s loader from Peg Perego.