Make a Super Ramp For Your Ride On Kids Vehicle

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I like to surf through YouTube videos to get fun ideas to try for ride on vehicles since my website is all about ride on toys for the family.  I watched this video wherein two fun, peppy YouTubers – “MoreJStu” – made a ramp for their Mercedes Benz ride-on toy car.  I thought it was fun to watch and a fun idea (with adult supervision, of course!)  Well, I’m not sure anyone should try this unless you’re super confident in your Evel Knievel abilities.

I find it amazing how durable some of these vehicles are.  You’ll be able to tell from watching the video.  And you know what?  These are fun, likable guys!  Very entertaining!  Next comes the outdoor ramp, the slide edging made with water noodles.  People are so creative; I love it! Hmmmmm, maybe the age ranges on some of these vehicles could be perhaps expanded.

Go down that ramp again? Uh-Uh.  Big no.  Without further ado, here’s the link to MoreJStu Toy Car Ramp Down the Stairs.  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to comment!  I want to hear your comments.

If you’re not into mega-sized car toys, how about building a ramp for your toddler for all their hand-held car toys.  Check out this DIY kids toy ramp from The Small Things blog.


Make a Super Ramp For Your Ride On Kids Vehicle
I’m Mimi, and I love all ride on toys! I love being outdoors and finding fun things to do. I hope you’ll check out all the fun ride on toys we’ve got here at Ride On Toys Planet.