Let’s Ride On. . .Halloween

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Hi, my name is Mimi. I am completely and utterly a Northern girl. I love being at home with my husband, cat, and bunny. I used to, more than anything, love to be in my yard with my outdoor dogs, but both just passed away from the old age of 16 years of age.  

I love being in my yard and working on my yard pond, which my goldfish have survived 6 years of Minnesota winters. I dream about having a simple cabin life 24/7, and love to go up north and fish, go four-wheeling through the woods, and, also sit in the tree stand once a year watching nature and listening to the red squirrels. Only five feet off the ground for me, though. 

Well, it’s that time of year again ~ Halloween! Some people love it, some people don’t. Halloween has certainly changed since I was a kid. We used to connect Halloween with carnivals and haunted “garages” where you would walk through as you’re trick or treating and be spooked and put your fingers in peeled grapes and ketchup. Love it!

I’ve got some old photos of what Halloween was like way before I ever went Trick-or-Treating. I’d like to show you some Halloween pics from around the turn of the century and then share what’s changed over the years.  

Oh, and did you know the first official Halloween was celebrated in Minnesota in 1920, but Halloween was alive and well before then. Here’s an excerpt from https://www.deliriumsrealm.com/history-halloween-america/

“Anoka, Minnesota, a.k.a the “Halloween Capital of the World,” was the first city in America to officially hold a Halloween celebration, in an effort to divert kids from pulling pranks like tipping outhouses and letting cows loose to run around on Main Street. The town organized a parade and spent the weeks prior to planning and making costumes. Treats of popcorn, peanuts and candy to any children who participated in the parade, followed by a huge bonfire in the town square. The event grew over time and has been held every year since 1920 except 1942 and 1943 when festivities were cancelled due to World War II. These days Anoka, holds elaborate Halloween festivals with a parade, carnivals, costume contests, house decorating, and other community celebrations, living up to its self-proclaimed title of “Halloween Capital of the World.” Salem, Massachusetts, associated mostly with witches due in part to its long and sometimes torrid history, also lays claim to the title. Many historians quietly back away from that debate leaving the two cities to duke it out themselves.”

Check this out!  Some of the earlier Halloween pics from history (totally random):

Let's Ride On. . .Halloween
The one on the left looks like Popeye
Let's Ride On. . .Halloween
This is more like when I grew up
Let's Ride On. . .Halloween
Now, these toddlers, well, hard to look at




Let's Ride On. . .Halloween
This is more like it!
Let's Ride On. . .Halloween
I’m wondering whether this is a Halloween party or a line to the door
Let's Ride On. . .Halloween
This one is just freaky!
Let's Ride On. . .Halloween
I think the masks are what spook me the most


















      Okay.  I’m spooked now!