Let’s Ride On. . .Crazy Bikes

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Let's Ride On. . .Crazy Bikes
Let’s Ride On. . .Crazy Bikes

Hi, my name is Mimi. I am completely and utterly a Northern girl. I love being at home with my husband, cat, and bunny. I used to, more than anything, love to be in my yard with my outdoor dogs, but both just passed away from the old age of 16 years of age.  

I love being in my yard and working on my yard pond, which my goldfish have survived 6 years of Minnesota winters. I dream about having a simple cabin life 24/7! I love to go up north and fish, go four-wheeling through the woods and, also sit in the tree stand once a year, watching nature and listening to the red squirrels. Only five feet off the ground for me, though. 

The other day I was reading posts, and I saw this YouTube video that I thought was just crazy and worth sharing! A group of kids went through a supermarket (maybe Walmart) bicycling through the store doing bike stunts and racing around. Just looking at everybody’s reactions, because you can imagine if you were shopping at that time and if you’d think it was funny or annoying or, man, they are going to be in trouble!  

I just love to see everybody out in the fresh air enjoying a bike ride, or their favorite ride on toy, scooters,  skateboards, but this one is a little different! Check out this link: 


It is worth checking out this particular post from Trashy on Reddit.com.

So what did you think?  I’d like to hear your thoughts on what you just witnessed.  Was it all in good fun, do you think they got into trouble by the store or the police?  Do you think they just rode off thinking we got away with it, ha-ha, or wholly cow, that was fun!  Let’s hear from you.