Added Nutrition with Ride-On Toys Would Make a Difference

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Added Nutrition with Ride-On Toys Would Make a Difference

Good nutrition is something that is vitally important for the growth and development of all children. They also have stomachs with a limited capacity, so it’s crucial that whatever they eat is as nutritious as it can possibly be for them to grow properly and live healthful lives.

What we eat during childhood is setting us up for adulthood. As children grow, they are forming all of the habits and ideals that are going to be serving them as adults. After all, we all want our children to be as healthy, illness-free, and free of growth issues as possible and good nutrition helps. My father worked for a bread company growing up.  I grew up eating white bread and all the sweets the company had to offer.  Was I obese?  Not close.  But as an adult, I really strive to eat healthily.  I wish I would have known how to eat healthily.  If you don’t grow up with those habits, I think it can be difficult to incorporate those in everyday living.

Poor Nutrition and Obesity

Studies show that poor eating habits have been a major contributor to the U.S. obesity epidemic. In fact, approximately 12.5 million American children and adolescents (2 to 19 years old) are suffering from obesity. Even for people who are at a healthy weight, an unhealthy diet has been known to be associated with many of the major health risks that are capable of causing serious illness or even death. These include certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and hypertension (high blood pressure). Making smarter nutritional choices can help with protecting children from many of these health problems.

Physical Activity for Good Health

Just as proper nutrition is crucial for children, so is sufficient physical activity for good health and better motor skills. Ride-on toys are an excellent way to promote exercise in school-age children. In general, ride-on toys have become especially popular with toddlers and younger kids. That’s because the majority of them don’t require very much work. As the name suggests, children just ride around the house or yard on their ride-on toy, moving it forward or backward with their legs. However, for older school-age children, that simply isn’t enough because they need a lot more activity and stimulus.  The ride-on toys mature with each age group and offer stimulus and exercise.  Honestly, when I see children (no matter what age) using a ride-on toy, it just sparks a big smile on my face.  Whether electric or push/walking, I’m mesmerized!

Ride-On Toys for School-Age Kids

That’s exactly the reason why there is ride-on toys for school-age children. There are all kinds of exciting battery-powered quads and cars that offer more usage options. Most of them are better suited for kids six years of age or older. They’re available in various sizes shapes, and designs. There are plenty of them for choosing from and, if you have children over six, then ride-on toys could be just the thing for providing a great deal of fun and entertainment as well as improving their motor skills.  It’s a win-win for both parent and child.  I think they’re just awesome!!


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